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Holiday Market Community Program

The next time you visit Holiday Market, please consider donating 1,000 WOW! points to Gold Nugget Soccer Club.  It is easy and fast and can be completed at check out.  Simply inform the clerk that you would like to donate 1,000 WOW! points to Gold Nugget Soccer club and Holiday Market will issue a $20.00 Holiday Gift Card to the club.  Thank you for your support.

Board Meeting

December 9th

Our next GNSC club Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting will be on December 9 at 6:30 in the Georgetown Community Center.  We will be electing new officers for 2016 at the this meeting.  Please join us!

GNSC Board Meeting & AGM Agenda -December 9, 2015

How MarVals eScrip Works:
By signing up for a MarVal's Community Card and electing Gold Nugget Soccer as your organization of choice you can painlessly help our soccer club.

Visit Mar-Val and ask for a Community Card when checking out.  Once you sign up, your purchases create automatic contributions of up to 5% of your purchase price when you show your card at check out. There is no cost to you. 

Access your personal reports anytime at to see how much you have earned for Gold Nugget. 

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