For matches from Sept 20 (Week 5) that were not played due to the poor air conditions:

  • Matches will be moved to a new week 12 on the schedule and played on Saturday, November 8th.  
  • The transition to the Lotus Park game venue will be delayed by one week and therefore matches scheduled for Oct 4 (Week 7) will be played at the District Office in Georgetown.
  • These updates will all be reflected in the schedules by Tuesday evening, Sept 30th. 

We are optimistic the current weather system will keep all of the smoke out of our area tomorrow.  Therefore there are no changes to tomorrow's schedule.  All matches will be played as posted - Sept 27 (Week 6).
We may have our first rainy matches of the season, so players may want to wear a long sleeve shirt under their jerseys and spectators may want an umbrella or easy up.  The snack shack will have hot coffee for purchase to warm you up!
The fields are lined and we are looking forward to a fun day of soccer! 


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